Welcome to my website and graphic design portfolio. Here you will find a selection of work I have created for both public and private sectors covering both print and digital mediums.



    Penninghame contacted me to develop a bespoke logo, on-going branding and website for their premier self-catering destination. Easy access and photography were put at the forefront of the website design, as most customers were international in origin.

    The logo was developed with input from Yvonne who was keen to reflect the rich heritage of the 100 acre estate. It fuses modern style structure with coat of arms features, as well as four historical emblems which we continued through to the branding.


    Sahara Cafes in Norwich opened in 2014 and soon gained fame in the local area with their warm, inclusive atmosphere and excellent North African inspired dishes.

    Struggling with their own design efforts online, they contacted me to rehash both their logo and website.

    The website and additional branding focuses on the staff, beautiful food and pushes social media connection, to add to the teams already impressive reviews.

    The logo, featuring negative space and utilising the golden ratio in its construction, was awarded third place by the World Logo Awards (WOLDA) in the re-design category.


    Founder Rob Abbot contacted me to re-design his business website for Secure Compliance. Based in the East Midlands and providing business compliance solutions and technical help, the company required a medium sized, corporate style website that showcased Rob's accreditation and business provision.


    Sometimes you only need a small website to get your service business up and running quickly.

    The family run business, Unleashed in Uppingham is a great example of this, utilising a one-page design that traffics customers straight to a bespoke booking form. This allowed them to generate income from the business within a week of thinking of the idea.

    As they wanted to run the business on the go, I utilised WooCommerce and Crocoblocks for their e-commerce features. These were chosen as they have excellent, easy to use business dashboards and require little training, meaning the family could run the business from the palm of their hand.


    The Noble Custom team provide wholesale skiwear products to trade outlets and other mountain professionals.

    Well known in the industry and trusted as the only supplier of some premium brands in the UK, they required a "store front window" rather than a full shop that prioritised their brands and contact details over e-commerce functionality.

    Once aquainted and verified  with the team, access is provided to the Trade Login Customer Portal, where customers can purchase a variety of sports and cold weather items.

    WooCommerce was utilised for its phenomenal business functionality and easy to use dashboard, meaning minimal training is required on the system for the team to operate.

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