Looking for a Freelance Leicestershire Graphic Designer? You’re in the right place. I create strong and unique visual identities, logo design, corporate and advertising material, both for digital and printed purposes.

Logo design

A well designed logo is the foundation of your brand’s identity. It is where all other brand aspects are developed from. A great logo consists of three core elements:

1) it must have a unique idea which is relevant and original
2) it must clearly communicate the identity of the company or organisation and
3) it must be designed/crafted perfectly.

When these three elements are combined as simple and flexible as possible you can create a great logo. It almost becomes an art form.

With your input and following a strict brief outline, I will create something that is unique to you and focuses on attracting your target audience.


Leicestershire Graphic Designer

Brand Identity

You’ve got a logo, now what? Expanding your brand identity across a range of branded items and stationary will provide a unified, cohesive feel to your company that can’t be achieved with a logo alone.


Promotional Design

Once your brand identity is in place, it’s time to reach out to your audience and the wider world with some promotional designs, across both digital and print mediums. Items such as brochures, flyers, posters, vehicle decals and billboard advertising will help you to reach out and spread your message.


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