Care leavers brochures

Project overview

I was asked by Children’s Services to redesign their Local Offer scheme brochure focusing on vulnerable teenagers and adults trasitioning from care to the wider world.

Understanding that the subject matter was quite dry, the team wanted a design that was vibrant, youthful and uplifiting in a time when a young person could find events overwhelming.

Using a combination of photoshop techniques helped me inject a sense of fun and action back into the document.


Stock photography only, due to child safeguarding laws.

Positive, diverse imagery and colour pallette to lift the subject matter. It shouldn’t be daunting.

Ages 16 – 24


A4 Brochure

36 pages


Due to its large size and bright colours, the brochure stood out well on magazine racks in libraries and other public buildings.

This in turn highlighted interest in the service’s capabilties, and they subsequently ordered another 250 copies over the next few months.

Before After
Before After