claire s music

Project overview

Digital art was the key reason I got into graphic design. So when Claire Schofield approached me to create her second album cover I jumped at the chance to create something unique. As the album dealt with love lost, we settled on hues of blue to reflect the emotional tone of the music and paired it with double exposure photography.

This allowed us to create a story through the image that wouldn’t have been achievable with a single photo and furthermore gave us the chance to represent both the album title and performer in one go.


Although I pretty much had free reign, Claire wanted something that was artistic in nature and asked me to include a Lighthouse to reinforce the album title.


CD artwork and packaging design. Promotional print materials.


“Dane quick and effortlessly designed the artwork for my album cover. The artwork for the CD cover, disc and launch night materials were completed in just a couple of days. A professional and original design that I couldn’t be happier with. I would highly recommend to anyone.”

Claire S – Artist