Male domestic abuse campaign

Project overview

In early 2018, and again in 2020, Tameside Council ran a large scale marketing campaign across their social media and print channels to highlight male domestic abuse awareness in Tameside.

The biggest challenge was finding suitable imagery that met the brief requirements with enough copy space to be used over a variety of display options.

I was particularly pleased with the chosen images as they subverted the viewers expectations (cheering or screaming?), whilst portraying the men in social settings, which were ideal to discuss problems they may be having.


A photo with at least 6 men present and one highlighted to reinforce the messaging.

Final design has to work across multiple communication channels. This means artwork that functions in both horizontal and portrait layouts.

Males aged 16 – 59


Large format print including ADshells, bus rears and streetliners, roadside banners and posters.

Digital marketing assets such as social media branding and rolling GIFs.


The campaign was a huge success! Visits to their domestic abuse webpage soared from 164 in the month before the campaign launch to 2,478 during the first four weeks.

Won – The UK Public Sector Communications Awards
Low Budget Campaign of the Year