Young and fly clothing

Project overview

Joe contacted me a couple of years a go to help design a visual identity for his clothing line, Young and Fly – a Leicestershire based, urban fashion brand. Once complete he turned to Shopify for his e-commerce needs, due to its ease of use for new users.

Struggling with the design requirements by himself, Joe reached out and asked if I could help him once again to bring the brand more in line with his original intentions.


Joe pin-pointed good business integration as being his number one priority, followed by a visually distinctive front end, that was “on-brand”, and lastly, ease of use for updating and editing by himself.


Multipage e-commerce website. Hosting, SSL, domain and email set up and connection.

Hero image mock ups, product mock ups. Technical knowledge for photography.


Joe is now in full control of his website’s functionality and found the transition to the WooCommerce dashboard to be “intuitive”, thanks to its accessible layout and controls.

Furthermore Joe has saved approx £150/annually compared to his old hosting costs.