When it seems that social media rules the internet, you might ask yourself “do I still need a website?”

The answer is yes.

Designed around your needs

When was the last time you didn’t check online first? Did you know that 97% of people search their needs online first, 2.5% ask friends and only 0.5% of people go on a physical search for what they need?

A website provides assurance of professionalism, in a way that social media will never be able to match.

Whether you require a store, small business or personal website, there has never been a better time for affordable web design. With events such as the pandemic showing the world how vulnerable traditional business is without an online presence, I offer a range of digital services, whilst following the latest design trends to ensure ease of use, customer retention and sales that convert.

A range of designs covered

Unlike some agencies, I never push my customers to include pages they don’t require, therefore ramping up the price. Sometimes, you can be just as effective with one page, as with fifteen.

One Page Websites

E-Commerce Websites

Corporate Websites

Small Business Websites

Personal Websites

Advanced Functionality

E-Commerce with WooCommerce

Building an online store is an exciting business step and provides an avenue of sales that is open 24hrs a day to your customers. However you may have found they are a daunting task to “do-it-yourself” and cost a fortune through agencies.

Using a combination of WooCommerce and WordPress, I’ll help you create a store with powerful business functionality and a beautiful front end design. With minimal effort you will be able to run the business with your fingertips.

Advanced functionality is also available, for both you and your customers. Vouchers, client and trade areas, booking and reservation forms and advanced pricing structures can all be added if required. Automated emails come as standard too.

Start your journey here

Domain Name. Hosting. Design.

That is the exact three steps you need to take to have a presence online. I find clients repeatedly attempt to do this themselves and then come to me after the jargon, pricing structures and addons have confused them enough.

I can help guide you through the whole process quickly and painlessly from the beginning of your online journey.

So why not avoid the hassle of using mutiple suppliers and get in touch first?



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