There has never been a better time for affordable web design and 2020 has shown the world how vulnerable traditional business is without an online presence. I offer a range of services with my websites, whilst following the latest design trends to ensure ease of use, customer retention and sales that convert.

Why do you need a website?

When it seems that social media rules the Internet, you might ask yourself, “Do I need a website?” The answer is yes.


At the height of pandemic restrictions in April 2020, retail sales fell by a quarter compared with pre-COVID levels. While overall sales have now recovered this lost ground, in store sales are still nearly 10% down.


When was the last time you didn’t check online first? Did you know that 97% of people search their needs online first, 2.5% ask friends and only 0.5% of people go on a physical search for what they need?


Most people don’t trust a business without a good website. A clean, modern page that is regularly updated and pops up in search engines is an instant credibility boost to your potential customers.

Website's designed around your needs

I cover a range of designs, but they usually fall into one of three categories.


Not everyone needs a huge multi-page website, sometimes a single page will do. If you just require an online presence this is the place to start. Suited to those who have something to shout about such as photographers, travellers, bloggers and designers.


Best for small business owners such as barbers, hotels, tattoo artists, car mechanics and restaurants. If you are looking to expand your business with specialised integration, such as booking forms, email subscriptions and customer logins this is for you.


If you require a large online store to sell physical goods, then an e-commerce website is for you. I will help you create an online store through WooCommerce that has all the back end business integration you require to be a retail powerhouse.

Freelance Leicestershire Website Designer V1

Why pay extra?

If you’ve ever had a go at website design yourself, you will know how quickly all those “hidden extras” add up. I aim to provide my clients with all the bells and whistles you get charged extra for, at the prices I pay.


If you choose to host with me your first year is FREE and £7/month thereafter. You are welcome to use your own hosting if you wish.


I'll help you refine how search engines locate you and help you boost your search attributes, listing you higher and helping you boost sales.


Security certificates are included as standard in all my hosting plans, so no extra costs. This means a 100% secure site with SSL and HTTPS encryptions.


60% of business is now conducted on mobile platforms, so all my websites function on all screens as standard.​


All my site assests such as pictures, videos and animations are optimised in the back end to ensure customers are not impacted by lengthy loading screens or wait times.


FREE domain name for a year if you choose to use me. It then reverts to £7/year thereafter. However you can use your own domain if you have purchased one.


Not everyone wants to use their personal email address for business dealings. I can set up your email framework to give you a professional look.


I can help provide digital solutions to ensure you are compliant with the law, such as privacy policies, cookie policies and more.